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History of Sunav

In the 11th century Rajputs established settlement in this town. Later different communities like Shahs, Rabaris, etc, came and settled in the township. At the time, the town was well to do and self sufficient according to historical recourses. Later due to demise of success, the settlers of the town left and due to the lack of settlers the town became deserted and was reduced to ruins. Archaeological finds the town were discovered between Ghoghal Talavadi and Dudhia Talav (Both being lakes) during construction of Kasor road.

Shree Vikabhai Kalyanji Patel of Kasor Town in 1269 A.D. (V.S. 1212) established the present Township of Sunav for settlement, the ceremony being performed in Sravan Nakhshatra, the town was called SRAVANAVYA. Later it became Sunav. 24th ancestor of Shree Vikabhai Patel namely Shree Ganeshji Patel built Vaijanath Mahadev Devalaya on Dev Talav, which is still present. After establishment of Shree Vikabhai Patel the town became self sufficient and steadily. Other communities also came for settlement, as the Patidar community grew in the town.

At the 22nd generation Vishram Patel and his three brothers are known to have existed. Vishram Patel stayed at Sunav while his three brothers left Sunav.

Sunav, some 17Km. west of Anand, enjoys an important status among settlement in Charotar Despite of having population of 9500 only. Sunav is always counted within the leading town of Charotar Pradesh. Under the guidance of Shree Vallbhbhai B. Patel and Shree Kishorbhai L. Patel, saw the emergence of V.B. Vinay Mandir in 1919 as an educational institution and Sunav became educational center in the area. In 1920 when the non co-operation movement started in India against the British Rule it became a National School. During the self-governing movement of 1930 and 1932, the teachers and the students of the school participated with great passion and many of them went in prisons. Since Sunav has been a spotless town at a national level. During the freedom movement of 1942 the resident of Sunav participated with same enthusiasm, which helped getting freedom for India eventually on the 15th August 1947. This all because of our Freedom Fighters.

Since independence the donation of Shree Somabhai V. Patel, Shree Govindbhai J. Patel, Shree Ambalal J. Patel and Shree Purshottam K. Patel for all over progressive development of Sunav has been very helpful and remains very well remembered and respected even to the present time.

It is a great self important of Sunav that many of it public organization's development have been acknowledged as heaving progressed and blossomed gradually day-by-day. Educationally, industrially, socially, and politically Sunav has been most important place. Creditable inheritor of Sunav have multiplied their progress, taking up challenges, showing high spirit not in India only but abroad too and are helping towards the progress of their town of origin with pride and passion. For all public function and activities, all the communities of the town stand integrated. For help humanity and development all characteristic of society they work with enthusiasm and follow fair principles. These qualities have rendered Sunav town to outshine in all directions. Social workers, honest honorary workers, donors have always been present within the township and as a result Sunav has set precedents in many a fields in Gujarat. Due to the arrangement and establishment of Sunav Kelvnimandal (Sunav Education Society), the operations of educational bodies have the privileges of advanced knowledge and literature, which has added to the benefit of the town.